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Scaffy  cat

This is a story about our Scaffy Cat.                                                      

In early June 2016 we discovered a stray cat wandering around our March Place yard, at first we thought the cat had belonged to a neighboring house, but as the days went by we ended up seeing more and more of this cat around the yard. We tried to get close to her and see if we could help, but she would always run away. One of the boys decided to leave some milk and food out hoping the cat would come and eat. One freezing Saturday, Mark went into the yard where he seen the cat in the cold rain. He returned home to Kay telling her that the “little cat in the yard was sad” . They grabbed a tin of cat food and went to feed her. They placed the food down by the truck, sat in the rain and watched her eat. It took two weeks of feeding her daily until she would let Mark and Kay come close to her. It got to the point where she could trust them and started nuzzling them around their legs. They were able to take her to the vet to see if she was chipped and post photos on Facebook to see if she was a lost cat, but after a week there were no replies. So off to the vet again to be chipped and become the newest recruit of Action Scaffolding, “Scaffy”.

She made herself at home, wandering in and out of our office. She had two beds set up for her, one in our upstairs office and one in our downstairs office. But Mark was not happy about this set up and decided she needed an electric blanket as it was too cold. So our Scaffy got an electric blanket.

In July 2017 Scaffy started to breathe heavily, almost coughing and spewing. She went to the vet so they could figure out what was the cause. She had some blood tests done and was diagnosed with asthma. She now takes medication daily to keep her asthma under control.

Fast forward to 2018. We are now situated in Frank Coxon Road, Belfast. Scaffy has multiple beds around our office. A big play ground to entertain herself. A chip recognized cat flap and all the love she deserves from our staff.

There’s no doubt that Scaffy loves Mark the most. When he leaves she waits for him to return, making herself comfortable on his chair and his jerseys.
Every week she also brings us a surprise mouse “eeek”.

We love our Scaffy cat and we hope you guys will love her as well.